Everyone is creative in their own ways. Whether doing makeup, painting, or just simply decorating. But if want to work and improve these skills, you want to invest time and effort. There are no easy ways to boost creativity other than learning new things, discovering different ideas and experiencing them. Below are ways you can definitely boost your creative side.


Doing Creative Activities

What better ways you can do during your spare time other than doodles? Okay.. there might be some activities that are productive but anyways, if you want to boost your creativity, you have to do exercises. For example, doodling can increase your creativity by being occupied and focus on one thing. This prevents you from being spaced out or rather, if you are, you’re still productive. The more busy you get, the more you’re able to focus on one thing.


Open to New Ideas

You have to be willing to engage with various opinions and ideas, widen your knowledge then be amazed. Do not be close minded and reject things you don’t know, accept thing as an opportunity to grow your creativeness. For example, attend a sculpting training even if you don’t like it or even if you’re crummy at it.


Connect to Others

Socializing is another way to boost your creativity, specially if you’re with different types of people. Doing things with other people who have different lifestyle with yours can expand your way of thinking and offer you new aspect on how the world is. Just by attending occasions and doing activities outside your normal routine, you can open a new way of understanding creativity within you.



Broaden Your Skills

Broadening your skills is also a part of boosting your creativity. Gain as much knowledge as you want on things you expertise. Start by reading blogs and watching videos on subjects to collect more information about things you do. Be inspired by learning other artworks made by other people. Example, go to your local museum if you want to know how to paint.


Get a Good Rest

You might think sleeping is only for resting the body and mind, but a recent study in Harvard University says that sleeping is essential for both learning and creativity. Your mind is also active during sleeping, this shows your mind allows you to re-evaluate event and form new ideas about problems and work. Be sure to sleep eight to nine hours each night to boost your mind with innovative ideas.