Kids love crafts, especially if their creations are going to be used as party decorations. When throwing a party, you can get children actively involved in the preparation process. Little ones will learn what it takes to plan a party and they will feel good because of the important contribution.

Children can create amazing party decorations. Let them unleash their fantasies. You can offer guidance and craft ideas. Very often, you will be surprised by the quality of work and the beautiful nature of kid-made decorations.

This article lists several types of party decorations that kids can make effortlessly. These decorations will be beautiful and effective, adding a degree of authenticity and uniqueness to your special event.


Banners can be drawn or computer-generated. Have the specific shapes cut out and gives kids the option to create the banner message.

Provide young artists with crayons, watercolors, colored paper, glitter, glue and stickers. Let children know what the party theme is all about and which color palettes will look best. If you want to make the banners more professional-looking, have a message printed on each and let kids deal with the visuals.

Another option is to look for glue together. Children are computer-literate at a very young age. Give them the task of selecting, printing and cutting out the most appropriate glue for the posters. Think about the design together and let children deal with all other aspects of creating the banner.


Most kids love to draw. Together, you can create beautiful decorative posters for the party that is about to take place.

Have a brainstorming session. Decide on the most appropriate visuals. Let each little helper share ideas about poster design and composition. Assign a specific poster to each kid that is assisting you.

Once the posters are created, you can hang them together and decide on the most appropriate manner in which these can be positioned in the room.


Ribbons can be used to create beautiful decorations. Have children designing table centerpieces and other decorative items using simple ribbons.

Ribbons can be decorated even more through the use of beads, pebbles or seashells. Choose the items that represent the party’s theme and that will look good together. Have children sticking those to ribbons, posters and other party items.

Balloon Decorations

Kids can make balloon decorations and they will have so much fun when thinking about patterns and colors.

It could be difficult for children to make balloon arches without your assistance. Have them making clusters instead. A cluster can consist of several balloons coming in different colors. Distribute those and have each child coming up with a pattern.

You will have to show little ones how to tie the balloons and how to keep the cluster together. Once you make sure that everyone is familiar with the procedure, you can let your young helpers ‘work’ unassisted.

Trust the instincts and aesthetic understanding of children. Kids will help you create beautiful party decorations. In addition, you will be spending quality time together. Bonding with kids while working on a party can be a surprisingly exhilarating activity.