Sometimes no matter how you want to neatly organize your art supplies it just won’t work, especially if you have little kids at home. Organizing stuff can be tricky that’s why we have these tips for you to help you store supplies in a neat and crafty way.


Assemble & Arrange Supplies

When assembling your art supplies, arrange them in a way that you’re comfortable. Sort them in accordance to their use and what type of material. After assembling, go through each of them and check if you have extra space. Some supplies such as glue and paint dry easily and gets bad, that is why they take extra space. If you have items that are results of impulse buying, not even using them for once, you can definitely gather them and give them to charity.


Set Up Your Own Area

Dedicate a corner of your house for your arts and crafts. You can make things easier by placing shelves or even cups. You can also buy piled shelf and drawer units that can lay on above each other – you can actually combine them all to make things neat in a one large wall unit. If you can’t buy these stuff, you can use alternatives such as old dressers, shoe box, cardboard, can jars, etc.


Be creative when storing your items by personalizing, place stickers or simply use your paint skills. It is also great to add tables for working on your crafts. A foldable table is a good fit, you can immediately get it when you want and saves a lot of space when you’re not working.



Storage Solutions

One can’t argue that one of the most handy things in life is storage solutions. They comes in different forms, sizes and colors. Using the transparent one would be the best since you can easily see what’s inside plus you can also place label on them using tapes and markers. It is best to use the large ones for storing while the small ones to hold the supplies for what projects you are working at the moment; in this way, you can keep your art works handy if you travel. It is also pretty and clean when you place them on shelves or closets.


Follow these few ideas and you will find that artwork time is more enjoyable and rewarding. You won’t have to worry what supply you need or where to find them. You will have more time doing artworks rather than getting lost in the middle of it.